I Dyed My Hair Blonde! I Got a Tattoo!

First off, let me explain something: I don’t think of myself as a “pretty person”.

Still reading? Good. The thing is, I don’t look in the mirror and think of myself as beautiful. I’m ok. I’m decent. I can get by without someone gasping in horror at my looks (haha!) and like everyone else I have good days when I feel sexy and cute. But I’m not an attractive person in the most reasonable sense. If I was lined up with a million other girls I wouldn’t be the most horrible looking, but I would never be considered the most attractive either. I don’t feel bad for myself about it, it’s just the way I look. If I got a bunch of plastic surgery done (which I wouldn’t do) it wouldn’t make a difference. I’m weird-looking. You can’t tell what my ethnicity is by looking at me. I have a funny nose, a high forehead, a weird tooth and teeny eyes.

When I was a little girl I thought I was going to be tall and willowy… I had a pretty good chance of it too… until I stopped growing in the 6th grade. From then on I just grew… out. Not that I’m complaining about the two areas I filled out the most in… but I never thought I was going to be a short, curvacious girl. I was going to be 5’11″… I was sure of it! I was also convinced that somehow, someday I was going to be a blonde. Not that I would dye my hair… it would just TURN BLONDE. I was a nutso kid… let me tell you. As I got older and accepted that I was a brunette once and for all, it drove me crazy that I was so light haired compared to my immediate family. They had silky, long and dark Kim Kardashian hair. I had that weird brassy, coppery Khloe Kardashian-Odom hair. And over the years, I’ve accepted that too. I’m just lighter, shorter and curvier than I thought I was going to be.

Despite my “unique” looks, over the years I’d gotten numerous comments saying I looked just like a famous person. First it was Jennifer Garner. Later, Hilary Swank. In the past few years it’s been Demi Lovato. But I’ve always thought I looked more like Julia Stiles or Erica Christiansen… both blondes. 

But today, when I was unassumingly browsing through blogs I came across someone who could pass as my sister… maybe even my fraternal twin. When I showed my mom a picture of her she said, “You’re hair looks lighter in that picture. And who’s that standing next to you?” She didn’t know that it wasn’t me! Plus, this girl (her name is Emma) has blonde with blue eyes! It’s UNCANNY. It’s ERIE.  But it’s also freakin’ cool! Because finally I can understand myself a little. Looking at this girl is like peering into a mirror that I never could see before. I mean, yes, she’s sorta weird looking too. No, you can’t pinpoint the exact thing…. But she’s also cool looking. She’s different. She’s unique. Ironically enough, she has an amazing blog filled with delicious recipes and amazing books (most of which I’ve read too!)… check it out her blog, the Food Coma Blog where I totally creeped and found these uber-similar pictures! And now I’m trying to decide if I want to contact her or not and let her know that we might be long-lost sisters. Should I?


2 thoughts on “I Dyed My Hair Blonde! I Got a Tattoo!

  1. I literally just flipped a shit thinking that WAS you…. And I’m your freaking best friend! I thought “well she’s always wanted me to dye my hair blonde, and I know she wants a small star tattoo… But what the crap!!!!!!” I just about thought you’d lost your mind, until I actually read… This… This is creepy. Well, more so eerie. As your best friend, I say contact her. But don’t you dare let her become your new best friend. Also, sit mom down and make sure she didn’t pawn off your twin at birth. Love you.

  2. Morgan dennnnnnnnnno I always thought you were quite pretty and actually had a crush ob you for quite awhile thought! There’s your fun fact for the day!

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