(Belated) Thankful Thursday

1. This is the first book that I’ve read FOR FUN since I graduated college. I’m so thankful that it was an amazing book that sparked my imagination and made me inspired to read more fiction books… just FOR FUN from now on! I think my Travel/Recipe/Memoirs are a weak spot I inherited from my mom who’s always reading one!


2. I finally sent out my graduation thank-you cards! We bought the cards on sale and found that cute dictionary stamp in an adorable gift store on State St. in Madison.

3. Though M&M cookies aren’t my favorite, my mom was craving some so I whipped up a batch. Now that I have an oven I’m made: 2 pies, 2 batches of cookies, 1 batch of brownies and am looking forward to a cake or scones next! Baking really does makes me happy… it gives me such a satisfaction when I pull it out of the oven and it looks like perfection! My waistline has seen better days, but I need to get this wonderful  baking out of my system!

4. Finally, I’m thankful for this winter weather. Yes I was crying the first time I drove in the snow… and I almost killed us twice during a 10 minute drive… but this weather has completely turned my world around! I bundle up every time I go outside, I check the weather everyday and it gives me an excuse to stay home! Layering can be fun when all my laundry is done because adding layers makes me feel as if I could be a little more whimsical and colorful than I usually am.


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