Lipstick Queen

Every winter I change my makeup regiment to focus on lips. Summers are usually reserved for pretty eye shadows and lots of eyelashes, but during harsh winters I hardly pay any attention to eye makeup and simply focus on my lips. I think it might have to do with the simple ease of it all. Just swipe on a little lipstick and you’re set to go! You look like you’ve taken the time and glamorously applied in the mirror that morning… but really you just put some on during the car ride over.

The thing is, everyone notices you and your lipstick right away! Most women view lipstick as old fashioned or too difficult to mess with, so they admire someone who has the gumption to pull it off. And the right kind of men go bonkers for women in lipstick. Something is programed in them to view lipstick as the most sensual, womanly thing ever invented. While progressing into my 20’s, I feel like lipstick wearing will be an important part of my life. I use a Victoria’s Secret red, a Laura Mercier plum and now this Covergirl magenta.

If you’re a bit hesitant to dive into the intimidating world of lipstick, I highly recommend this newest Covergirl release. My mom and I discovered it over a week ago at Target as a last minute mini-splurge purchase and we’ve been fighting over who gets to wear it (she claims that moms and daughters can’t wear the same shade on the same day) ever since. Not only are the colors drop-dead beautiful (I’m wearing Spellbound) but they’re so easy to apply and they last for HOURS without touch-ups. The other day at lunch, while eating messy cheeseburgers my mom asked if her lipstick was smeared everywhere and it was perfectly intact! I don’t know what miracle ingredient is in this lipstick, but it works!


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