Golden Girls

The 2012 Golden Globes left me feeling a bit bored. There were beautiful men and women walking the red carpet… but nothing really dazzled me. Nothing like last years red January Jones number. It just didn’t feel as if there was much effort made… like they didn’t want to stretch out of their comfort zones. Though, at the same time, there wasn’t any terribly bad looks either. My favorite looks this year were attempts at something daring, yet they kept it classy and elegant without seeming overdone. Claire Danes never fails to impress me. Every year she pulls out another statuesque gown on her beautiful figure. My blonde girl crush, Dianna Agron looked stunning as usual and I liked the cut swans! Viola Davis just looked SEXY! There was no other way to put it! Her skin was glowing and that gown just revealed such sensual parts of her body… ohlala.

Now, other than the (fairly boring) color… Sofia Vergara‘s dress made me swoon. It was so romantic and intricate and a real GOWN. I would be proud to wear a dress like this to an event like that and I think she completely owned it! And while I was on the fence about Rooney Mara a few months ago, now I can officially say I am a huge fan. Her style is the perfect example of a modern classic. She epitomizes Audrey Hepburn’s timeless appeal while still giving off a modern edge. This dress fit her personal style, but was also a nod to the movie she was nominated for. Diane Lane just looked beautiful and gorgeous and chic… as always. Evan Rachel Wood didn’t disappoint in something so unique on the carpet from any other nominee or presenter. I truly think she was the only person who could’ve pulled off a dress as daring as this so effortlessly. Finally, I’m a little biasing in saying this, probably because I think she’s the most beautiful woman on the planet inside and out… but Amy Poehler looked amazing. Just total perfection. Flawless skin, flawless hair and her retro elegant dress was fantastic from the front and drop dead gorgeous from the back!

(photos from IMDB)


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