Enviable Locks

It was a little more than a year ago that I began an intense medication regiment called Accutane. And if you’ve never heard of it, count yourself lucky! I’d had horrible, embarrassing and cystic acne for as long as I could remember and after trying everything (and I mean everything) for roughly 10 years, I was fed up! The final resort was this medication that essentially peeled your skin away and healed from the inside out. Obviously, there were a lot of drawbacks to taking this medication. The side effects are horrifying, but what felt even worse was gross you look while you’re on the medication. Your skin takes on a ruddy, inflamed look, your lips peel away constantly and finally, my hair thinned so drastically that my hair that once was so heavy and thick is now wispy and fine.

It’s not to say that I’m sorry I went on the medication, because I’m definitely not! It caused a lot of problems for my eyes, lips and hair… but at the end of the day my skin (the largest organ of your body!) is clear. I’ll get the occasionally pesky pimple when I’m stressed, but never to the degree that I was before. A year ago my face would literally ache in pain everyday and now it’s something I never even think about!

On the other hand, dealing with the aftershocks of the medication hasn’t been easy, especially with my hair. It’s not just the hair on your head either, it’s eyelashes and eyebrows too! How weird is that? I’ve had to get used to the feeling of thin hair and I’ve adapted my products over time… but there is a plus side! It takes me about 15 min. to do my hair in the morning, instead of 45 min!

I’ve discovered a few products that I swear by and truly believe everyone could use, thick hair or thin!
1. I’d heard about Moroccan Oil in just about every magazine as a miracle product, but I’d never met anyone who’d actually used it! After I received two bottles of it for last Christmas, I’ve become a religious user! Somehow, Moroccan Oil works with the texture of your hair to create soft waves, sleek straight or smooths coarseness. My sister and mom have both snuck a few drops for their hair and it works the same magic on their (very different textured and styled) hair. After using Moroccan Oil, my natural hair texture of “poofy” transforms into soft, smooth waves. Plus, you only need a dime size amount so a small bottle for $16 lasts about 6 months!

2. Most people think I’m lying when I say my shampoo and conditioner costs a cumulative $5. I’ve tried a LOT of shampoos throughout my life and I admit to using every single shampoo brand found on Target shelves, but no shampoo has been as wonderful as the Suave Professionals line. Not only is this hair product inexpensive, it leaves my hair feeling so much more manageable and clean. It’s made with really natural products so you don’t feel like you have any greasy residue or heavy fruity scents left behind!

3. Thinner hair means… thinner eyebrows! This was such a confusing part of the process for me because I hated how thin my eyebrows looked, but I didn’t want to look like a penciled in chola either! Luckily, my mom and sister are Benefit fanatics and discovered the secrets to perfect eyebrows years before I did. Not only does Benefit do an amazing job of waxing your eyebrows at their “Brow Bar”, but they have this genius Eyebrow Kit that includes small tweezers (just in case!), a small brush and a two part tinted wax and brow shadow. The results are so natural looking but really does darken the brow well. I’ve had mine for over a year and I’m just running a little low now, so the $30 cost goes a long way!

4. I feel as if the key to feeling womanly is in large part to long, thick eyelashes. Why else would women paint the tiny hairs framing their eyes everyday? It’s ridiculous… yet, I still wear mascara every single day. This is also a product that took me years to find. And I’ve tried everything from drugstores to Diorshow. And in case you didn’t know, if mascara’s held Olympics, Diorshow would be the gold medalist! Every mascara just felt too flaky… too clumpy… too insubstantial but Covergirl LashBlast for only $7 was just right. It’s hard to explain, but when you try it, you’ll know!


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