oh Elle

Alexa Chung once said “Is it weird that I’m obsessed with a 13-year-old?”

In all honesty, I find it hard to not be kind of obsessed with Elle Fanning. I first heard word of her when she was set to play Stephan Dorff’s daughter in Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere last year. I was hesitant… because I hadn’t been such a fan of her sisters acting skills, but she blew me away (and really, is Sofia ever wrong?) Her acting style seemed so effortless, so light and airy that it could only be transparent. As if she had to be just like this in real life… because no 11 year old wearing braces could be that good. But Somewhere wasn’t just a fluke, because she proved herself again in my favorite movie of last summer Super 8. That scene at the train station when she cries? I wanted to adopt her, be her best friend and hate her all at the same time… and she’s only THIRTEEN! Then in We Bought a Zoo, Elle has just a small, fairly inconsequential role, but she still managed to break my heart.

I can only imagine how far her career will go if she’s become so popular at such a young age, but I can only hope that it progresses in the best direction possible. And I hope that she continues to be involved so heavily in fashion because if she’s already a fashion muse now, just imagine the places she could go.

…and yes, I still read Teen Vogue.

(also in Rodarte for A Magazine)


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