Home Tour

The older I get, the more minimalist I become.

I could pack and move all of my things within a few hours without breaking a sweat.

Now, more than ever, I appreciate homes that are bright, white, clean and still cozy.


I came across Kate Davidson’s apartment tour for The Everygirl on Pinterest. Oddly enough, I found the BATHROOM so cute that I actually clicked through to read the article and oh my, am I glad I did!


Her home is exactly what I’d like my home to feel like. It’s definitely bright, it’s definitely white and it’s very mid century inspired without feeling sterile or sparse.


Though I’d consider myself to veer on the more “eclectic” side, I can see bits of this in her home as well. The beat up old dining room table found on Craigslist for $45 wasn’t sanded down or repainted. It was allowed to be beat up and handed down. And that was ok.


I sometimes tease John and say that our house looks like an Urban Outfitters catalog. It’s not that we don’t have nice things, it’s just that we don’t have the nicest things yet. Our style is actually pretty similar (I’m the first one to admit my personal style veers to the more masculine side) but the apartment looks pretty eclectic, and maybe a little more “bohemian” than I would like.


We are never going to be people who buy a bedroom set. We have more pieces from Ikea than I’d like to say. I’m ashamed to admit, I still keep my underthings in clear storage drawers in the closet, rather than investing in a dresser, like an normal adult. But still, I do feel like I’m getting closer to where I’d like to be.


Building a home is a process, I know. I also know that with each piece we buy (from Ikea or no) I am investing in a future. I’m setting down roots in a place and with things. I’ve gone so long hoping from one crappy apartment to another that I feel like I’m almost already to start improving on this place.


My first goal would be to improve our kitchen. Because right now our kitchen is kind of a disgusting place. The linoleum floors are peeling up and look permanently dirty. The walls are splattered with years of grease. The layout is funky. I actually showed a picture of this to John and said, LOOK, this is what our kitchen would look like if it were CUTE.


And the really funny thing is, I’m 100% right. This is pretty darn similar to what we live in now, just with fresh paint, better floors and a cute tile backsplash. It would definitely be an investment of time and money, but maybe, just maybe, we could start working on making out place just a little better. A little less “bohemian”. I think I’m ready for those roots.


PS: Kate Davidson is as cute as a button. Check our her home tour on The Everygirl.

Beginning to Feel Like Fall


It’s definitely started to feel like a change in the seasons! The sad part is the darkness, that it’s starting to get dark outside around 7pm… and I’m discovering that we desperately need a lamp for our living room! With no overhead light and no more evening sunsets to illuminate our living space, I’ve started to feel like I live in a really cute cave.

IMG_2128 Before the weather starts to take a turn for the worse, my friend Chris and I wanted to get a good hike that was easy enough for me, and had a scenic view too! I’ve already determined that most hikes I want to go on won’t really be possible in a few months. I have to get them in while I can now!


IMG_2143I managed to catch a doozy of a cold! I’ve felt like I’ve been fighting it off for about a month, with everyone at work sick, and all the kids going back to school, it was inevitable I guess. It was the sore throat, aches, chills, congestion… I had it all! I took a generous helping of sick time from work and laid on the couch, watching the entire first season of The Blacklist. Which is an INCREDIBLE show, and kept my attention enough so that I wasn’t hopping off the couch every few minutes like I normally do. 

IMG_2147While I was sick, John really kicked into a mad cooking and baking frenzy. The CSA has been delivering a LOT of winter squash and I personally am absolutely sick of it. I am over winter squash. But somehow, John keeps finding recipes that work. Maybe not recipes that I love (the photo above was a phenomenal meal, and squash-less) but I do respect that he’s trying to make it work. However, I will not be fooled. When I requested pumpkin chocolate cookies, he made me squash ones. I ate one, and was done!

IMG_2153 IMG_2155It might sound silly, but I’m not into the whole “pumpkin spice” thing. And I hate the smell of cinnamon. So all the candles out right now make me gag. We’ve made the switch to vanilla candles… which really just makes up hungry all the time!

   IMG_2053 IMG_2080The leaves are falling in Seattle and it makes me terribly sad. We have a huge, beautiful tree out our front window and when the leaves are gone it just looks so barren and desolate. John told me we can put a bunch of plants in the window to try and replace the beautiful tree that we will lose for about 6 months. For the time being though, the red leaves really are a super pretty sight to see.

PS: We are planning a trip to Northern California! It’s been almost two years since I’ve been back, and it will be John’s first time! He’s excited to see Chinatown (he says you had to grow up in the 80’s to get his fascination with Chinatown) and I’m excited to EAT. In n Out, Mary’s Pizza Shack, Mr. Pickles, Blue Bottle Coffee… oh my!

Heart Melt

Welp. I bought the Mac Air and I’m obsessed with it. Photobooth was put to very good use this morning too.

Photo on 10-4-14 at 11.46 AM #2No makeup Morgan.

Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.23 AM Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.37 AMPhoto on 10-5-14 at 10.37 AM #2

Pop Art my was favorite effect.


Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.17 AM

I’m holding her! I’m holding Cleo! (Complete happiness)Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.41 AM

Kitties in Paris.

Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.19 AM #2

We make adorable aliens… who come in peace.

Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.22 AM #3

This is what “on a roller coaster” looks like in Gabriel-world.

Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.33 AMPhoto on 10-5-14 at 10.36 AM #2Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.45 AM #2Photo on 10-5-14 at 10.46 AM

We thought hologram was pretty darn cool too. (Hologram kitty is the cutest!)

Photo on 10-5-14 at 11.02 AM

Oh, just Yosemite in the fall.

Photo on 10-5-14 at 11.07 AM #2

Who wants to look at my eye?

Photo on 10-5-14 at 11.14 AM

I vant to suck your blood.

Technical Malfunction

Photo 18

This is the one of the first photos I had ever taken with my Mac Book, which I named Stuart, also nicknamed My Love. Oooh 2008, you were a good year. This was one of the first in many Photobooth selfies to come.

After a good long 6 years, I think it’s time for a new computer. The darn thing can’t be unplugged from a wall, which kind of defeats the purpose on a laptop, you know? Also, the white finish I loved in high school didn’t age well. At all. My mom really needs a working laptop and doesn’t mind using my dirty grey laptop. I would like to help her out, by also getting something new for myself.

The thing is, I don’t know what to buy.

I LOVED having my Mac Book. And I have a pathetic desire to continue buying Apple products. But John insists that there are better computers out there that aren’t ask expensive and work just as well. But he’s one of those Microsofties, if you know what I mean.

So do you have any suggestions? I’ve even considered getting an iPad and a keyboard if I need to type, but I really want a laptop. I really don’t want something touch screen. I really don’t want something that gets viruses. I really just want to save photos, use my social media, maybe watch TV/movies and write and blog to my hearts desire!

What do you use? I’d love your feedback!

Pasta! Pasta! Pasta!

Who doesn’t love pasta? Well, ok everyone who has a gluten allergy. But doesn’t everyone else? I LOVE pasta.

It blew my mind a couple of years ago to learn that there are something like 350 pasta types in the world, which I wrote about it in this blog post. When I came across The Geometry of Pasta at the library, I figured the book would be a hit or miss. It could be the most fascinating thing I’ve ever read, or the most droll. Luckily, it turned out to be really interesting! (ps: Geometry was the ONLY math I was ever good at!)

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 7.14.40 PMWe all have our favorite pasta types, the names we know and love. Farfalle is mine, because my mom made the best mushroom pasta, always with little bow-ties! (Did you know that “farfalle” means butterflies? How cute!) My dad was always so proud of his Manacotti recipe and for that reason, I always loved digging into manacotti.

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 7.19.31 PMI do have a bit of a complex when it comes to cooking. My mom was a great cook and now I’m dating someone who is incredibly passionate for cooking. It can be easy to just “stay out of the way”, and never really learn how to cook. I know basics, but for most recipes, I’m hopeless! Since we’ve been together, I can count on one hand how many times I’ve cooked for John. Mostly because he enjoys cooking, but also because the offer (my offer) hasn’t really presented itself. Why would I take up space in the kitchen when the person next to me knows how to make the perfect steak, can pickle any vegetable and makes jam just for the fun of it? I also have to admit, I’m a bit sensitive about my lack of cooking skills. If someone wants to correct my technique, I’m known for just choosing to abandon that chore and leave it to the pros.

This book inspired me to take charge a little more. There are recipes and foods that I love, that John doesn’t make, that I should be taking advantage of! My favorite comfort food is a mix of tomatoes, capers and parmesan, and I think its delicious! Pasta Carbonara is one of my favorites, and I know John would love it, but we’ve never had it together.  Linguine with clams is another super simple recipe, one that I know John is dying to try! And why don’t I ask my mom for that mushroom pasta recipe that I loved so much growing up?

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 7.20.04 PM

The book also inspired me to be a bit more adventurous. We all know about spaghetti (it makes up 2/3 of the world’s pasta consumption after all), but with 350 pasta types out there, I should be trying more!

It’s amazing that I’ve never cooked with Tortellini (inspired by a belly button… gross, or sexy?) before.

I’ve never thought about it before, but I never cook with Penne or Rigatoni. To me, they remind me of bland pastas served on the kids menu at restaurants. Maybe I should be giving them a try!

As little faith as I have in myself for cooking, I would like to think that someday I will be able to conquer making homemade gnocchi. And by the way, I’m annoyed that I still can’t pronounce gnocchi correctly.

Screen shot 2014-08-30 at 7.18.40 PM

Then there are the pasta’s I’ve never even heard of before…

Capelli D’Angelo (“little worms”) are dainty nests of tiny noodles that would be great to test out!

Conchiglie Rigate looks like the perfect noodle to scoop up veggies or meats for a heartier winter meal.

Garganelli- I’ve genuinely never even seen this pasta before… now I can’t wait to get my hands on it!


After writing this blog post I’m sure no one will accept a dinner party invitation from me any time soon, but I vow to myself, and all my future dinner party guinea pigs, I mean guests, that I will try to weasel my way into the kitchen some more. I will whip up some pasta dishes and they will be incredible!

Bon Appetit!